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Principles of Data Science

DSC 10, Winter 2023 at UC San Diego

Make sure to fill out the End of Quarter Survey + CAPEs before Saturday at 8am. If we reach an 80% response rate on both surveys, everyone will get an extra 0.5% extra credit on their overall grade!

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Week 10

Mon Mar 13

LEC 25 Residuals and Inference ✏️ Watch 🎥

CIT 15.5-16.3

Tue Mar 14

PROJ Final Project

Wed Mar 15

LEC 26 Review: Blank, Solutions ✏️ Watch 🎥

DIS 10 Regression - Dasha 🎥, Dylan 🎥

Fri Mar 17

LEC 27 Review: Blank, Solutions✏️ Watch 🎥

Sat Mar 18

SUR End of Quarter Survey + CAPEs

Exam Final Exam (3-6PM in Galbraith Hall 242)