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Principles of Data Science 📊

DSC 10, Spring 2022 at UC San Diego

👋 Welcome! Please start by reading this website, especially the syllabus and the schedule below.

Janine Tiefenbruck

Janine Tiefenbruck


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Week 1 – Association and Causality, Python Basics

Mar 28

LEC 1 Introduction

CIT 1.2-1.3

Mar 30

LEC 2 Association and Causality


Apr 1

LEC 3 Expressions and Data Types

Notes 1-6

Apr 2

SUR Beginning of Quarter Survey (due 11:59pm)

Lab 1 Expressions and Data Types (due 11:59pm)

Week 10 – Review, Final Exam

May 30

Memorial Day Holiday (No Lecture)

Jun 1

LEC 27 Review

PROJ Final Project (due 11:59pm) (find a partner) (pair programming)

Jun 3

LEC 28 Review, Conclusion

Jun 4

SUR End of Quarter Survey + CAPEs (due 2:59pm) + TA Evals (due 6/6)

Exam Final Exam (in-person, 3-6pm)