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πŸ“š Resources

Table of contents

  1. Supplemental Resources
    1. Tutor-Created Resources
    2. Diagrams
    3. Course-Specific Resources
    4. Python Extra Practice
    5. Probability Extra Practice
    6. Permutation Testing Visualization
    7. Instructional Videos
    8. Lecture-Specific Videos
    9. Review Videos
  2. Practice Exams
  3. UC San Diego Links
  4. Other

Supplemental Resources

Tutor-Created Resources

DSC 10 tutors have created course related content, like the one below, that may be useful if you need some extra help. Check out the Tutor-Created Resources page to check them out!


We’ve compiled all of the interactive diagrams that are found in lecture, like the one below, and put them in a separate Diagrams page. Check it out!

Course-Specific Resources

These resources will directly complement the content from lectures and assignments in this course. Use them often!

Python Extra Practice

If you’re looking for additional Python practice, these resources are generally helpful for Python learners, but are not specific to our course. Use them for futher explanations and practice exercises.

Probability Extra Practice

These are some additional resources to complement our lecture and assignments on probability. Use them for extra problem-solving practice.

Permutation Testing Visualization

This article and visualization intuitively decribes permutation testing. It’s very helpful for thinking about how permutation testing works and why it is useful.

Instructional Videos

These are some videos we made to address common questions of DSC 10 students. Definitely watch them!

Lecture-Specific Videos

These are some videos we made to supplement a previous iteration of the course. They cover information that we’ll also cover this quarter.

Review Videos

Practice Exams

Past exams and detailed solutions can be found at Use this site to help you prepare for the midterm and final exam.