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👩‍🏫 Staff


Janine Tiefenbruck

Hello, I’m Janine and I am excited to be teaching DSC 10 this quarter! I’m originally from New Jersey but I moved to San Diego over ten years ago for grad school at UCSD 🔱, where I studied combinatorics in the Math department. Since then, I’ve taught courses in Computer Science, Math, and Data Science. Outside of teaching, I love playing board games, crafting, and baking epic desserts! 🧁

I love DSC 10 because it teaches you how to pose and answer interesting questions in any domain, so it really opens doors and allows you to dive into topics you’re passionate about, whatever they may be!

Course Staff

Dylan Stockard
he/him • TA

Hello! My name is Dylan and I am a first-year Master’s student studying Data Science. Until this year I had lived my entire life in Seattle, where I went to the University of Washington to study Electrical Engineering. Outside of school I love training and watching mixed martial arts, and hopefully will be competing soon!

Dasha Veraksa
she/her • TA

Hi! My name is Dasha and I am a Bioengineering Masters student, focusing on bioinformatics. I completed my Bachelors in Biomedical Engineering at Boston University. I was actually born in San Diego but moved to Boston when I was 3 months old, so returning feels like coming home. I am hoping to finally learn how to surf! This is my second time TAing for DSC 10. I love exploring datasets because there are so many ways to visualize and learn from data, and I hope to spark that interest in you as well.

Gabriel Cha
he/him • Tutor

Hi, I’m Gabriel! I was born in Maryland, raised in Texas, and now live in California studying data science (second year)! Am excited to tutor for this class as it is rich with stimulating (sometimes mind bending, yet exciting) concepts! Outside of class you might see me skateboarding around campus. Come to office hours, you won’t regret it!

Eric Chen
he/him • Tutor

Hello everyone! My name is Eric and I’m a second-year Data Science major from Orange County. When I’m not focused on school, I really like watching food-related videos and listening to K-Pop (been listening to a lot of ENHYPEN and LE SSERAFIM). This is the last quarter before I complete a full year of tutoring, so I’m very excited about this. I can’t wait to meet you all and I hope we will be able to learn a lot from each other!

Charlie Gillet
he/him • Tutor

Hi there! My name is Charlie and I’m from Redwood City, California. I’m currently a 2nd year majoring in Data Science, and I’m looking forward to meeting and working with everyone! Some of my favorite things to do are playing piano, watching basketball, and playing chess.

Vanessa Hu
she/her • Tutor

Hi! My name is Vanessa and I’m a second-year Data Science major from the Bay Area. This is my first time tutoring, but I’m excited to help everyone start out their journey in data science. In my free time, I like to bake, go sightseeing, and binge-watch TV shows. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions and I can’t wait to meet everyone in my OH!

Dylan Lee
he/him • Tutor

Hello, and welcome to DSC 10! My name is Dylan (but feel free to just call me Dyl), and I’m a fourth year Data Science major with minors in Cognitive Science and Mathematics from Orange County! I truly believe that DSC 10 is an exciting and rewarding course for how it teaches us to uncover meaningful insights from datasets filled with seemingly random numbers and text. This will be last my quarter as an undergrad (making it all the more special), so I’m looking forward to meeting you all!

Anthony Li
he/him • Tutor

Hi everyone! I’m Anthony and I’m super excited to be helping you guys out with DSC10 this quarter. Coding is hard, so feel free to drop by my office hours and I’ll try my best to make everything as easy and digestible as possible!

Jasmine Lo
she/her • Tutor

Hi! My name is Jasmine and I’m a second year data science major from the Bay Area. I’m excited to be tutoring this class as it is one of the first courses in the data science track and I’d like to help students really understand the core concepts. When I’m not working towards my academic goals, you can find me making new spotify playlists, going on boba runs, and trying not to burn my apartment down with my cooking skills. Feel free to drop by office hours, I’m looking forward to meeting everyone!

Linda Long
she/her • Tutor

Hey, my name is Linda Long and I am excited to meeting all of you and solving problems together! I am a second year undergrad with junior standing. I major in Applied Mathematics and minor in Data Science. I love traveling, fitness and enjoying good food. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions :)

Aishani Mohapatra
she/her • Tutor

Hello hello! My name is Aishani and I’m a third year Data Science major and Biology minor from the Bay Area. I’m interested in the intersection of medicine and data science and think it’s super cool how much you can find out about organisms (or things) through seemingly random data. Outside academics, I enjoy hiking, rock climbing, going to the beach, and doing anything outdoorsy and adventurous. Looking forward to meeting everyone! :)

Baby Panda
Any Pronouns

• Mascot

Hi everyone, I’m Baby, originally from the shelves of IKEA. I’m thrilled to be starting my second quarter as the DSC 10 mascot! When I’m not repping DSC 10, I enjoy feasting on bamboo, cuddling, and analyzing tabular data in Python.

Harshita Saha
Any pronouns • Tutor

Hey everyone! I’m Harshi, a 3rd year majoring in Bioinformatics and minoring in Data Science. I was born and went to high school in the Bay Area, but lived in India from the ages of 6 to 14. I look forward to being a tutor for DSC 10, since this course strengthened my interest in my major, and taught me foundational concepts I still use both in and out of the classroom. In my free time I read, play the violin, and due to my upbringing, love learning new languages.

Abel Seyoum
he/him • Tutor

Hi! My name is Abel Seyoum and I am a third year Data Science student from San Diego. This is my first time tutoring DSC 10 and I am very excited to get to know and assist all of you to the best of my abilities this quarter! Outside of coursework, I typically am surfing local breaks, or playing either basketball or soccer. I am looking forward to working with you all, and please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have!

Selim Shaalan
he/him • Tutor

Hey everyone, my name is Selim and I’m very excited to tutor DSC 10 this quarter. I was born and raised in Cairo, Egypt and I’m still exploring San Diego so feel free to share your favorite hangout spots with me. I’m a 4th year Math-Econ major and a Data Science minor and I love tutoring DSC 10 because it’s the class that made me decide to add my minor and hopefully continue in the data science field. I’m currently trying (and failing) to teach myself guitar so I can play 2006 Arctic Monkeys songs.

Yutian (Skylar) Shi
she/her • Tutor

Hi, I am Yutian (Skylar) Shi. I am a rising junior majoring in Data Science and minoring in Photography from China. DSC10 is one of my favorite courses, and it motivated me to join this major :) Hope you will also have fun in this course!

Tony Ta
he/him • Tutor

Hi everyone! I’m Tony and I’m a 4th year Data Science major from San Jose, California. In my spare time, I enjoy watching soccer and football, exploring San Diego with my friends, building Legos, and eating food. DSC 10 is one of my favorite classes because of the variety of topics that are covered. It’s a great introductory class to the field of data science and I look forward to meeting you all!

Zairan Xiang
she/her • Tutor

Hi! My name is Zairan. I am a senior student majoring in Data Science with a minor in Philosophy. Outside class I like doing bullet journal and art journal. This is my first time tutoring for DSC10 and I am excited to meet you all!

Diego Zavalza
he/him • Tutor

Hi everyone! I’m Diego and I’m a third year Data Science major. In my free time I like playing basketball, cooking, and going out to make memories with friends. I’m looking forward to tutoring DSC 10 this quarter because it’s the class that got me excited about a career in data science. I’ve received so much support from the staff so I’m excited to pass on the favor and work with you all!

Luran (Lauren) Zhang
she/her • Tutor

Hi everyone! My name is Lauren and I am a second-year Data Science and Joint Math Econ major. I enjoy snowboarding, hiking, and trying out new sports during my free time. I want to be a tutor for DSC 10 because this is a fun course that introduced me to data science and inspired me to have data science as my second major. I look forward to meeting you all!